Student Support Services

I'm having trouble with...

'Having trouble with course content?
You can contact a tutor to get help with course materials.
Send an E-mail request for tutor support to Your request for help must include:

  • Your full name in the body of the E-mail (sometimes it is difficult to tell who you are by just your email address).
  • Exactly what you need help with. Please don’t just say “math” - be specific!
  • You will be contacted by a tutor on a day that you are scheduled for a class or clinical skills/computer day. Students will be seen within one week. If you are not seen in one week, please notify Mrs Nancy Haughton

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'Having trouble with personal issues or life at home?
You can contact:

  • CCIU's assistance program, EAP

Did you know that counseling services are included in your tuition/fees? EAP - Employee Assistance Program is a confidential Health Advocate program that can provide guidance, counseling, and tools to manage your life and personal matters. It is 100% confidential!



* In crisis, emergency help is available 24/7.


  • The Community, Youth and Women's Alliance (CYWA)

CYWA provides a women's shelter, occupational training, and other opportunities for women and youth to make progress toward personal goals and resolutions


                 If you are in need of shelter, or wish to gain access to the shelter,

                 please call  Connect Points at 1-800-935-3181.

          Contact the CYWA at:

                -Phone: 610-384-9591

                -Street Address: 423 E. Lincoln Hwy. Coatesville, PA


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'Having trouble with career planning or your long-term goals?
You can contact:

  • The Chester County Career Link

CareerLink can help with job placement and other related services.

479 Thomas Jones Way, Suite 500
Exton PA 19341

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'Having trouble with something else?
No problem; ask any of your instructors about the issue, and they will point you in the right direction. You can also email us at

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