What is this website?

You are currently visiting the Practical Nursing Program's online learning resource site. We use Moodle, a software that allows us to build online classrooms and post information, assignments, enriching content, and upcoming events. If you hear your instructor's talking about "the Moodle site," this resource page is what they mean!

You'll find two kinds of course pages on this site:

What you'll find on a
Level Site:
Clinical/Class Schedules, Level Assignments and Computer Work, Clinical Expectations, Level Medication List, Clinical Dress Code, Assessment/Care Plan Information, Sample Care Plans, Evaluations Tools, Math Practice Problems with Answers, and Facilities information with driving directions
What you'll find on a
Course Site:
Course Outlines, Class/Test Schedules, Course Assignments, Tutor/Web Sites, Electronic Care Plans for Download and Submission, Course Unit of Studies and course resource information

You will be granted access to the online course pages for each course that you're taking, if that course has an online component.

To use this site without encountering software troubles, you will need:

a very secure and easy-to-use web-browser (like Internet Explorer or Safari)
free at mozilla.com >


Adobe Reader 9.0+
a software for viewing documents and filling out your Care Plans
free at adobe.com >

This software is already on the computers in the computer lab; if you would like to install this software on your own computer, just follow the links above.

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